The BID co-underwrites the Glens Falls Collaborative‘s yearly Downtown events, such as Take A Bite, Wing Fest, Pet Fest, Fit Fest, Clean Up Day, Grandma’s Table, Boo2You and Hometown Holidays.

Holiday Decorations

The brightly lit City trees, bows and evergreen on the City Park gazebo and festive decorated streetlights you see Downtown during the holiday season is thanks to the BID’s efforts.

City Park

The BID takes on the duties of beautifying City Park, from landscaping to leaf removal to keeping the gazebo in good repair; all of those enhancements are under the purview of the BID. It was our initiative to restore City Park to its prior beauty, as a cooperative effort between the City of Glens Falls, Crandall Public Library and the Crandall Trust.


The BID ensures that abundant flowers beautify City Park and the City streets, enhancing the beauty of our City for all to enjoy.

Cleanliness & Safety

The BID purchased and repaired the benches, crosswalk signs and waste receptacles you see around Downtown Glens Falls, and we work with the Glens Falls Department of Public Works to make sure that they are kept in good shape. We also work together with the Glens Falls Collaborative to hold periodic Clean-Up Days.